Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Man Who Stole My Heart

Breakfast at IHop and lunch at Westlake Joe's
Drives down the coastline where nobody goes
Coffee ice cream and "rigged" game shows
These were a few of his favorite things.
Words of wisdom, unconditional love, and endless entertainment is what my grandfather gave to me over the course of my life. It comes as no surprise that any friend of mine that met Nono was instantly jealous that I got to call him mine. I wish I could have witnessed my grandfather in his younger years as he was magnetic, energetic, and a real lady killer at age 94- I can't imagine him in his youth!
I connected with Nono on so many levels. He really was my beloved favorite. He offered me guidance and would continually advise me how to live my life in a more enjoyable manner. Nono was the grandpa that would slip me $20 and tell me to spend it ALL in one place. Nono was the grandpa who taught me how to give the old 1-2 punch. And Nono was the grandpa that loved me so genuinely that I could never do wrong in his eyes.
Nono always wanted me to enjoy life, slow down, and see the world around me. Clearly after 94 years of life, I think he was onto something. Crowd your life with an abundance of unexpected joys and live every moment to the fullest. May you always be happy and rejoice for the life you live. And when I find myself missing my Nono and getting sad, I simply remember his favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad.
These are the floral arrangements that were made with extra love for my Nono. Family and friends will be celebrating his life in true Italian style- a big party with a lot of good food, love, and of course vino!

Love Is In The Air

Love was in the air...literally. Hearts were hung from the ceiling as part of the Valentine's Day design at local hot spot Vivace Ristorante. The restaurant buzzed with excitement as it offered two seatings per night over the course of the three day Valentine's Day weekend. Because the tables were turned so quickly, it was necessary that I create a design that did not slow down the dinner service. The Flower Mart was were I retreated for inspiration. Floral Supply Syndicate had some wonderful displays that really got the wheels turning for me.
The design: a simple centerpiece that read "Queen of MY heart", over sized heart confetti, a fence made of roses, glittered hearts, and satin ribbon wrapped hearts gave the restaurant an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What A Way To Wake Up

Growing up, my mother ALWAYS made a big deal about my birthday; therefore, when the unofficial national holiday of my mother's birthday came around I knew what I needed to do- reciprocate the favor.
Flowers, candles, bacon waffles, and mimosas. That should do the trick!

Cheers to you mom! Here's to another wonderful year of life.
I love you Mom.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guest Blogger

I was recently asked to be a guest blogger on a fabulous wedding resource blog called Bay Area Bride Guide. Stacy Yamaoka, the founder of the newest Yellow Pages of weddings, asked me to contribute a piece about wedding trends. The result- Royalty Redone... check it out