Monday, April 12, 2010

Labor Of Love

It's April- which means it is Mariah Kelly's birthday month. She came up with a wonderful idea for her 15th birthday party herself, but called upon me for a little help creating the invitations.
Our first stop was the Scrapbook Depot in San Carlos where we found darling cupcake and poke-a-dot paper to start the inspiration process. Mariah quickly made the decision that the scavenger hunt portion of her party should be divided into pre-determined teams. This meant that we needed to indicate to each girl their team color before the day of the party. Mariah came across ribbon that corresponded with the theme colors. She asked me if I could come up with a bow that each girl could wear to identify the team that they were assigned.
Next stop J & M Hobby House also in San Carlos where we picked up all the last-minute supplies: Mod Podge, safety pins, pearls, and paint brushes.
And off to the design studio we went...
Step One: create the bows
mission completed
Step Two: create the corresponding "team cards"
and be sure that the new puppy doesn't steal them...
Step Three: create the party invitations

hours later, we were finally finished

Apparently creating birthday invitations is a bit more tiring for some then others...
I can't even imagine what Mariah has in store for me for her Sweet Sixteen!

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  1. Heather I love you so much for doing this! X0x0 Mariah Kelly