Monday, December 28, 2009

Factory Direct Party- FAN FAVORITE!

DIRECT- verb. di·rect·ed, di·rect·ing, di·rects To have or take charge of; control.
After working with the Sales Department at Factory Direct Party I can say in full confidence that they live up to their name as defined above. I am BEYOND impressed with the impeccable custom service with this company. A particular employee, in the Sales Department, went over and above his job description to guarantee delivery of the "honeycomb balls" I ordered in time for my New Years design (pictures soon to come).
Factory Direct Party has so many great party supplies which have been featured in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine! Did I forget to mention that their prices are very reasonable. In fact I challenge you to find a more affordable party supplier (without compromising quality). Shop now and save 10% with entering this All Set discount code at the point of sale SBF10FDP

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