Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Honeycomb Never Looked So Good

Happy 2010! Talk about finishing off the year with a bang- I was given the opportunity to design the New Year's Eve decor for a fabulous restaurant located in Belmont- VIVACE. This was a very special design for me, not only because it was my last design of 2009 and first design of 2010, but because I LOVE this restaurant. I have always been a huge fan of Vivace, so you can imagine my excitement when the opportunity arose to design for NYE 2010.
The client wanted the design to be unique, festive, and fitting for the restaurant. The challenge- to design for four separate space with very different layouts.
So away I went. I sourced purple and black honeycomb balls from Factory Direct Party to rig from the ceiling, sprayed clay pots and planted Irish Moss, designed special florals for the bar and hostess stand, and of course... my signature custom made flags for each table top.
Take a look...

Next Up- Valentine's Day... TO BE CONTINUED

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