Monday, January 25, 2010

The Magic Number 11

A repeat client, my mother, requested my assistance designing a tablescape for a four person dinner party this weekend. With such a small guest list, I knew my mother would have the majority of the materials needed to complete my design. I told her that I would be over as soon as I returned from my morning walk.
Sawyer Camp is one of my favorite places for design inspiration. Sure enough, that Friday morning was not any different. Due to the heavy winds and rain from the storm, there were broken branches and brush everywhere. I came across the most beautiful branch covered in moss. I am a strong believer of the "leave no trace" principle, but when I saw the clean up crew throwing the debris into the back of trucks, I knew that I was in the clear to take my new treasure that lay upon the ground.
I was so excited to design with my new found centerpiece. I drove straight to my parents home and started rummaging through the garage and linen closet. As expected, my mother had the majority of the decor needed to complete my design. I supplemented the missing pieces with a quick trip to the SF Flower Mart and Fantastico.
Overall- I spent $11. 56. Just to further the point- that is $2.89 per person. Check out the photos...

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