Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guest Book Gone Digital

In the day of age where most individuals are more incline to watch television before reading the newest best seller, it comes as no surprise that wedding traditions are following suit. Meet the newest guest book...

"Years from now, you could flip through an album of well-wishes and scan all the handwritten names. Or you could flip the switches on your computer and watch your guests in action. Devote a corner of the event space to a video photo booth: set up a digital camcorder, leave a movie clapper and dry-erase pens for guests to write their names, and let them raise a glass and talk a blue streak. For a seamless background, hang a large white piece of fabric or paper" (Winter 2011 Edition of Martha Stewart Weddings).

Check out Keira & Dan's digital guest book featured on The Knot to see what fun this new take on an old tradition can really be.

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