Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grazie Merci Thank You

Located 30 miles south of San Francisco, nesseled in the Woodside Hills sits Filoli. This magical place is an historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and one of the finest remaining country estates of the early 20th century. Whether enjoying its beauty of the one-of-a-kind gardens or pursuing its educational opportunities, Filoli invites you to explore this cherished community resource.

My mother is a weekly volunteer at the Filoli Garden Shop. As a Thank You to all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held. Luckily, I was my mother's +1.

As we made our way through the gardens, the sweet sounds of a jazz band led us to the dinner site. The once tennis courts of the Bourne Family made for the perfect venue for an outdoor event. 60" rounds were set with gingham linens with various potted plants as the centerpieces.

Good food, great company, and a fabulous venue made for a prefect evening- Thanks mom for the invite!

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